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Levenwick Campsite


Apart from the official sites available, experienced campers can usually find an ideal spot, courtesy of the local farmers and crofters.

The Shetland attitude to campers is generally very hospitable and "wild" camping is not discouraged. Considerate campers are welcomed but you must always ask permission of the landowner before setting up camp.

Contact the nearest house, establish who the landowner is, and ask them whether or not you may camp there. Don't hesitate to ask their advice - they'll probably tell you whether the site is suitable, or will recommend an even better location for you.

Please avoid public water collection areas and resevoirs. If in doubt - ask. Toilet and waste disposal is the responsibility of the camper, and these should be carried out in a discreet and responsible manner.

There are many secondary roads which lead to beautifully secluded situations for the owners of caravanettes, but we recommend that the owners of touring caravans check their routes carefully to ensure that the secondary roads are sufficiently wide for passing other vehicles and that they can turn at the end.




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